Sports Standard

Jenna Brink, Reporter

It’s no lie that every school has different rules while in the classroom. However, with every school, there are different ideals, rules, and requirements that student-athletes have to face while trying out for different sports as well. During season, some of these commands can take students out from a single game, or even the entire season. Many students do not even know what they may need to pay attention to, or if there have been any changes. So with that, here are some standards for the spring sports this year.


At the start of this year’s spring sports, all athletes were required to gather in the gym to learn more about the responsibilities that come with their sport. Mrs. Lee gave a presentation on what could take players out of a game and reminded them they would have more to focus on than winning a game. A “Woodland Park High School Athletic and Activities Handbook” can be easily found on the Woodland Park High School Website. It provides some great information, however, it was last updated on June 10, 2015. So, naturally some of the information is outdated by now. For example, one thing the handbook states is, “A Weekly eligibility standard WILL BE enforced at Woodland Park High School. If at any time during the competitive season a student’s “cumulative” grade in two courses falls below a “D”, the participant will be ineligible from that Tuesday through the following Monday and until such time that his/her grades are brought up to a passing level.”, now the same idea stands, but a student will only have to miss games that week if they have two “F’s” in a class, instead of “D’s”.


Another thing Mrs. Lee went into detail about was a chart showing punishments that will come with drug use. When she asked everyone how many people had actually seen the chart before, only two people raised their hands. This same chart was mentioned when students signed up for sports and them, along with their parents had signed saying they had read and understood something they haven’t even seen. The “1st Offence” includes smaller punishments like sitting out for 10% of the season but ranges to things like a twelve month probation. The “2nd Offence” can include “40 hours of community service, documentation of 5 counseling sessions (inhouse or private) – Must serve a minimum of 50% of a season”. While the “3rd Offence” will be “Permanent suspension with appeal available after 12 months.”


If you are still curious, more information can be found on the handbook ( Some people may find these punishments harsh, especially when it can only be one action that messes up a whole entire season. However, hopefully many students will be just fine both in school, and during practices and games. Do you think there should be any changes to what people are asking from student-athletes? Let’s all have a great season and finish the year strong, go panthers!