Pinning the bloom

Makayla Carrico, Reporter

Youth, the time of simpler things, of serenity and development. A luxurious footing many itch for, even dedicating their life in search of a cure. While on our searches for a medication of relief; humanity has created serums, diets, songs, clothes, lifestyles, etc., to give us a youthful security blanket. Youth,  the time of simpler things or once a nescientance is now as precious as a infant, that we cherish deeper the more we age. But is youth innocence or ignorance? And why does humanity highly value looking and feeling younger?


We’ve all can recall sitting on our living room coach and a commercial coming on stating their product holds the key to achieving your youthfulness again. For instance CoverGirl’s commercial with Sofia Vergara, “Want to make your future more beautiful? Simply Ageless Liquid Makeup helps you look younger…” or LifeStyle Lifts infomercial, “Do you want to looker younger? More attractive? LifeStyle Lift…” One after another after another, they plead their case on how they can make you, look years younger. With their seductive claims who wouldn’t want to feel youthful again? And according to a city data many give anything to once again feel the days when all was blooming. Yearning for lost benefits, “…I am currently in my early 30’s…adult life is definitely not all it’s made out to be in popular society; it’s really just a rat race and a never-ending hamster treadmill, IMO TBH, I find that I actually miss and am frequently nostalgic for the days when I was younger (say 18 for example), quite a bit. To go backwards in time to happier, more care-free days, instead of forward, to the dreary and in some cases, the simply depressing life of the constantly-overworked, exhausting and ridiculously frenetic pace of adult life, where it seems all you do is work until you drop, if only from the pure exhaustion and fatigue…Has anyone else ever felt like this?” Posted by an anonymous source.  It’s not as hypothetical as some might believe, many of us do miss the days when one had less responsibilities and could have free time. But could we be blinded by youth’s beautiful appearance that they can’t see behind its glass shell?

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.” If youth is valued by society, how can that be? How can it be wasted on our children? Maybe it’s because children haven’t been exposed to the world or simply because they are too young and waste it on ludicrous matters, in other words are youth plainly and simply ignorant to real life? Or maybe there’s a reason for why children are blessed with youth while adults are not? We may never know the real reason to why our youth is given such a present but what we can do is value and appreciate while we have it.  But to remember with youth comes troublesome terms; a lack of knowledge, exposure, understanding, pressures of knowing the future, having no money, relaying on a guardian, developing parts of your body are just a few to mention.

The farther the search stretches, the question of why our value of  youth is exceedingly growing relevant each day, between products, exercise regimens, and activities.  Janet Hicks writer on Psychology Today explained, “Each generation develops values based on events that happened while they were growing up.” A fair valuation, people act and perceive things differently based on the surroundings they are used to.   


“Is it really him or the loss of my innocence I’ve been missing so much…”   

Strawberry wine by Deana carter “…Is it really him or the loss of my innocence

I’ve been missing so much…”