Getting on task

Michael Colvin, Reporter

After getting back on from break I’ve had problems with procrastination and I’m sure many others have had the same problems. Some aren’t in the work or school setting or mood yet. I decided that I’ll ask a couple others around school, seeing if they have settled in for school yet. I asked Esther Brucea if she’s settled in and ready to continue the school year. It was only a simple yes, that she is settled in to the school mood. As she’s writing another article she said that she’s 631 words in and wants to make the article really good. As for this article, it will most likely be below that. Besides that I myself have been procrastinating a lot. Being able to get out of break and getting back to doing work instantly is a lot for some people to do. It at least takes a week for me to recover and get back into the mood. Even with the schedule change once you get back can be some confusion to those who’ve never had that class or met the teachers. While hearing from a couple teachers many students are missing assignments or are still missing assignments. As for anyone else they may have completed assignments and have completely gotten back on the right tracks. While people may also be busy with other things that may be personal or public. The many ways to get on track is to just start working and getting back into the mindset that says your getting back into school and it’s time that you finally finish what you need to finish while still having the free time in order to manage your time well and spend it wisely. I have multiple assignments for school and many projects that I am working on during my free time, but my problem is, how should I spend my free time and make room for homework? After multiple days, weeks, and one month. I was able to catch up in one entire class, while all my other classes have work caught up already. When you split your time you have when you get home, you make time for eating, taking a shower, free time, maybe you take breaks or relax, and finally to get sleep for the next day. With all the time you also spend in class and school you may not be working on homework during class, or you may decide that you don’t want to work on assignments during the class time. Overall the best and wisest choice would be to choose to work on the assignment during the class, so you can turn in the assignment while also finishing other assignments during the time you have free during classes. To finish the article off, make sure to keep up on the work you need to finish, while also making sure you don’t push yourself so hard to finish assignments. It’s good to take breaks every now and then but isn’t the best if you decide to not do any work whatsoever once you are out of break. To all the panthers reading this article, keep strong and fight on.