American Horror Story

Lavana Hahs, Reporter

American horror story is extremely popular, if you haven’t seen it you’ve definitely heard about it, for good reason too. This series had made one Hell of a name for itself with it’s amazing actors, visuals, music and stories that combine situations that are terrifying in real life and the mysterious, mystical and spiritual horrors together. Everybody who watches the show has a favorite season, so i decided to ask the people who love this series about their ratings and make a top 5 seasons list from best to worst.


Spoilers ahead!!!


Many people loved the first season, Murder House! No surprise there, this season dealt with some genuinely terrifying situations that could happen and dealt with hard subjects. This season showed scenes of self harm and suicide attempts, to build on the suspense the season unfolds the story of a school shooter, Tate Langdon. As all of this is going down we get the joy of watching the newest family to move in slowly get torn apart and die one after the other. This season was very well written and all the inner stories of the spirits trapped in the house play very well into the main story. For the audience that wasn’t a fan of this season they mainly brought up the awkward camera angles and how some characters didn’t have enough character development.


The next season everybody was raving about was season 2 Asylum. This season had some genuinely terrifying characters and the actors were amazing at portraying them. We are obviously set in an insane asylum but there is a serial killer on the loose as well. As we witness the horrific torture and “correctional practices”, we have a nun who works at the facility running around while she’s possessed by a demon. Many girls can even imagine getting pregnant…but how would you react if your child was the seed of the serial killer “bloody face”? Probably stick a coat hanger up there, huh? The only bad thing we heard about this season was how it was a slow burn and that the ending wasn’t the most satisfactory.


The 3rd season Coven comes in at spot 3! This season was all about witchcraft and voodoo, they even intertwined the story of a real woman who used to torture her african american slaves…her name was Madam La-Lorei and she was a horrible woman. The voodoo queen and the supreme of the school of witchcraft are in a war and the dwindling coven is dealing with who will become the next supreme or the next one dead on the list. For the community that wasn’t a fan of season 3 complained that there wasn’t much character development on some of the characters that they wanted to see more and how if a character died you knew they wouldn’t stay dead long.


Season 5 Hotel is next on the list! This season had so much going on, from vampires, to ghosts, to serial killers and the ten commandments. This season had all sorts of series favorite actors in it as well and even Lady Gaga who played as the Countess. This season had the same actors play as different characters throughout the season as well, it was cool to see sarah paulson play as sally and billy dean howard as well as seeing Finn Wittrock play as Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino. This season is a must watch. However for the people who didn’t like this season they complained about how to much might have been happening all at once and it was hard to keep track.