Solo Camping: A Starters Guide


Michael Colvin , Reporter

My solo camping trial came to an end as the weather got colder on a Friday night. Here are my experiences, a list of items, and list of future items to bring to a solo camping trip. My solo camping journey started with a short trial in a backyard. Knowing where I live is mostly hill it was hard to find a flat surface to put a tent up. I ended up putting a tent up on a slightly hilly side of the hill. I fully set up the tent and moved every piece of belongings in the tent. The list consisted of, a sleeping bag, an outdoor chair, a sleeping mat, a lantern, a few drinks and snacks, and clothes for the next day. As night was slowly creeping after having pizza for dinner, I started to read as much as I could before sunset was over. After sundown, I went into the tent to continue my read with a lantern. At the time I was told that I am unable to start a fire outside due to me just being outside. A few things that I would’ve changed is how much I would’ve packed. Packing many compact things would help with fitting everything together. Carrying a four-man tent and everything else was heavy enough as is and wouldn’t work if I were traveling on foot or by moped. Since I plan to stay in Woodland Park for a little while I planned to get a moped for driving. That, of course, requires a driver’s license since that is one of the grants. As I fell asleep in the sleeping bag, I started to hear some growling from outside the tent. Turns out that my dog was outside walking around the tent, but I took no chances and decided to head in during that cold night. As soon as I got inside I took a quick warm bath to warm up from the cold night. Afterward, I thought of what could have been better along with what I can do for the future. There are many compact camping items and supplies that would help with carrying everything with just a backpack. Although thanks to the trial, I am now available to go solo camping during the spring and summer. I’m glad I fully completed my solo camping trial it gives me so much freedom in the outdoors. If I gather the money to buy everything that makes packing easy and light then I will fully be able to travel either on foot or on a moped. This experience will overall get me to see many new sights.