Nothing to do in Woodland Park


Dan Knapp, Reporter

Colorado has allured many people to it with promises of beautiful sights but what it lacks, quite frankly are things to do. Hailing from a metropolitan city in New York, I have grown accustomed to, even taken for granted, the opportunities and options to choose from when trying to decide how to spend a night with your family, friends, or even a significant other. Merely walking down the side of any street in the city was enough to assuredly keep one entertained. While Woodland Park may have a curious charm that comes with being a small town community, I am and always shall be a city boy at heart. However, there are ways Woodland Park’s population could diversify itself and create more things for the community to take part in.

One example of this would be open to restaurants hailing from people with different ethnic backgrounds. In the city of Utica, where I was raised, the streets of the north side are lined with Italian, Japanese, American, Mexican, Greek, and Eastern European style restaurants. Simply walking down the streets and being able to absorb the culture that permeated from them helped me to appreciate different cultures that my city contained and grow an attachment both to the city and its people. Colorado itself attracts people from all over the country, Woodland Park should take advantage of this diversity to better the community. This could be done by making it easier to open up businesses in the community. This could provide teens and families with the same experience I once had. The ability to learn about new cultures through food is an excellent way to expose people to the diversity that lives in Woodland Park.

Another example that may be unrealistic, but would still be in the realm of possibility, would be the construction of a mall. Although our town may not be the most frequent stop for people going on shopping sprees, the population in Woodland Park itself and neighboring towns could sustain a small mall here. This would bring in revenue from the areas surrounding Woodland Park and within the city itself. The major selling point could very well be that it is much more accessible and convenient for communities that are located in the mountains. Often times when I was at a loss for how I should spend my day, I almost always ended up going to the mall with my friends and family. The wide variety of stores and easily accessible food courts made going to the mall the perfect spot to waste time away. Browsing through the stores and goofing off are some of the most memorable moments during my time there, and my experiences could easily be replicated if the community were to build a small mall here.

Woodland Park is a subtle, peaceful community above the clouds. And while many here are content with what the town offers currently, I see the potential to make the city more diverse and an overall more enjoyable place to visit and live.