The Biased Against the Force


Jacob Manriquez , Reporter

Every position in society is corruptible. Large organizations and companies can have corrupt chairmen, or other business officials. Our own government has corrupt politicians, senators, and people who are placed into power with ulterior motives. There can be people who are corrupt in our military, or maybe in the medical field, or maybe even people placed in power of school districts. Any single job or occupation is able to be corrupted with the right, manipulative person put in that role.

The police are no different. People can be put in positions of power, and abuse it. It happens, and it happens quite often. The problem this article is approaching is the criticism all law enforcement personal get from publicized stories in our media that feature a crooked cop. There are multiple stories of cops subduing innocent civilians, or being involved in racial cases, or manipulating others for their own benefit. And these stories are huge hits. These types of articles headline on news sites, reports, and papers all the time, and people been gotten the wrong idea from these types of stories.

The police are a service for good. Yes, people can feel intimidated in the presence of one. We feel the need to not screw up, to not get in trouble. It is natural to be a little bit skeptical around a man or women who enforce the law. But they are universally a force for good. People care about these horror stories of the police abusing their power, but could care less when a cop does what is right.

Although that is what is expected of the force, and as a result, the stories rarely ever get published in media. They receive no credit for their good deeds. Most stories that someone hears about the police is negative, and the public rarely sees the positive in what the force can do, and the good they provide to our society. The police do exactly what they were made to do, protect and serve. They do it every day, yet a single wrong doing, and the media publishes it for all to see.

It is sad to see that people have the lowest of opinions when it comes to a police officer. Just the site of the badge will immediately put them off, and judge them harshly on their character. You could be the greatest cop in the world, and still be criticized just for being a member of the force.

Police need to be seen for what they are. That may be a corrupted man with a twisted sense of justice, but it may also be a person who is kind and somebody who wants to play their part in society by helping others. Just because you do not agree with the law, does not mean you need to be biased against the force. They are just doing their job, and what they believe is right.