Pop Punk’s Not Dead

Pop Punk’s Not Dead

Amanda Miller, Reporter

The Question “Is Pop Punk dead?” is one that has been discussed extensively in forums and online message boards. So much that it has become controversial by now. Some people in the music community say that the genre is dead, and anyone who does not think so is still living in the past. Can something that was once loved by so many people ever really die?

The mainstream movement passed around 2005, and a few artists such as Good Charlotte and Simple Plan moved on with the crowd. They changed their sound and style to something that would be more relevant to bigger crowds. Some bands went on hiatus or broke up all together, which was what first had people claiming that Pop Punk was dead. If anything, Pop Punk is more alive now than ever with bands like All Time Low, New Found Glory and Man Overboard pioneering the way.

Sometime in the early 2000’s, Pop Punk became a gold rush for almost everyone in the industry. Bands all over were eager to join the movement, and record labels were eager to sign anyone with cargo pants that could jump around on stage with a guitar. That image was never what Pop Punk was supposed to be about. Most bands in the scene started out playing basements and VFW halls for an audience of five to ten people; they did not play to get record deals or Video Music Awards. They played because they loved doing it. Pop Punk is so much more than big audiences and platinum records. It is about being loud, having fun and inspiring people. Now that it is not a mainstream movement and there are not a bunch of bands rushing to cash in, the bands that are still in the scene for the music really stand out.

Pop Punk is not dead, and it never will be as long as there are people out there who believe in the music and what it is about. As long as there are people who take it seriously and have a passion for it, it has something to offer that no other style of music can. Pop Punk is more than just a genre, it is a way of life, it is a community and it will not be disposed of. So here’s to not fitting in.