Candy Crush Saga


Micaela Davidson, Editor

Are you searching for a new game to pollute your phone with? One you can’t put down? Well, the latest app that has swept across the school is Candy Crush Saga. This fun and rather addicting game much resembles the old Bejeweled game. You are given a grid with many different kinds of candy and attempt to get three or more in a row to “crush” the candy and move forward to the next level.  The more you get in the row, the more power ups you are given. The game also resembles a board game; each new level is a new space on the board.

“Candy Crush Saga is extremely addicting, and irritating,” one student admitted, “When you get stuck on a level, it’s all you can think about. I feel like a piece of my valuable youth is slowly dwindled away every time I open the app. I play it every day.”

Depending on who you ask, the tasty game is either a blessing or a curse. Candy Crush Saga is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, but does have in app purchases available. This game is great choice for further contamination of your phone.