Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far?

Provided the Huffungton Post

Jeff Kravitz

Provided the Huffungton Post

Amy Patterson, Reporter

                Once upon a time, a young girl with pouty pink lips, glowing green eyes, and a trademark blonde wig graced the television sets of children everywhere with catchy tunes and inane scenarios. This girl, a role model for all the rest, became a superstar before she had even reached her prime, and made an irreversible impact on the Disney empire.

That girl would roll in her grave if she could see herself today. Hannah Montana, girl wonder, is dead and gone, replaced by a depraved evolution. An unmistakable fact remains in her wake. Miley Cyrus has gone too far.

At almost twenty-one years old, one might hope that Cyrus has learned how to perform with dignity; however, these hopes were dashed during the recent Video Music Awards. Like a ravenous dog, Cyrus’ tongue hung out of her mouth, swinging as a pendulum on a clock, reminding us all to focus more on dental hygiene. If that weren’t enough, Cyrus went on to engage in the summer’s “hottest”, (and frankly, most disgusting), dance craze, known as “twerking”, with musical artist Robin Thicke, who is best known for his misogynistic song, “Blurred Lines”. “To twerk” as defined by Oxford Dictionary is to “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

Cyrus’ shocking display is just one of many rebellious and self-generated scandals intended to force us to realize her Hannah Montana days are over. While one can certainly respect her desire to be viewed as an adult woman, her actions are contrary to her intended message. “If you want respect,” it has been said, “you must give respect first.” Miley surely wasn’t respecting our eyes when she cast off her buster/hot pant combo to reveal a nude outfit underneath, which, although tightfitting, made most of us think of our grandmothers in their underwear rather than a sexy, independent twenty-year-old woman.

Despite her mature figure, Cyrus seems to lack an adult mind. Child stars often develop poorly in the mental arena, as they are exploited for their talent, and in this regard, it can be agreed that Cyrus has earned the sympathy of the public arena. This, nonetheless, does not dismiss the issue. Repeated describing drug and alcohol abuse to youth in the form of popular songs can be described as nothing less than criminal.

So, here’s a final plea, from the witnesses of the VMAs to you, Miley Cyrus. Take a lesson from Hannah. There’s a fine line between “adult behaviors” and “obnoxious rebellion”. Perhaps if you work hard enough, you really can have the “best of both worlds”.