Listen to the Music

Brian Warren Shows his ultimate love for music in History Class. You rarely catch him without his ear buds in.

Brian Warren Shows his ultimate love for music in History Class. You rarely catch him without his ear buds in.

Janelle Watson

We  have been listening to some form of music since the beginning of time. As Americans we are raised to have it be a major part of our society and lives. Music does something for everyone. It helps relax them or even just gets them pumped up for the day. As we evolve throughout our lives many aspects about us change .A person’s personality, the company they keep their intelligence and their moods usually changes with time. From the time students enter high school to when they are seniors their entire moods and personalities evolve, as does their taste in music. Many people seniors say that the music they listened to as a freshman isn’t the music they listened to now.

“My taste in music has changed since I was a freshman because I realized that most of what I listened to was stupid and barely rhythmic at all,” Senior Kasey Allen says. She now believes that her music has matured and is good music rather than being composed of simple beats and lyrics.

Jacob Neal has similar views: “My taste in music has changed from liking a song for the beat to listening to the lyrics.” As these seniors got older their maturity levels grew and so did the music they listened to. Many people explained that they become more aware of the musical background rather than just the superficial surface of many songs.

“Music is meant evoke emotion within a being, and that’s exactly what it does for me. It takes away the discomfort of silence.” Summer Baker feels says she feels very strongly about the music she listens to. All around our school you can see that music is a big part of not just seniors lives but everyone’s life. It can help someone get away from having a bad day. She went on to say, “I suppose it’s all about comfort and feeling.”

Abigail Reed simply says “I listen to music to relax and put me in a good mood.”

It can even help most students get an assignment done when they are struggling. “Music also helps me brainstorm.” Jacob Neal explains when asked why he listened to music.

Sometimes it is easy to assume that the genre of music someone listens to is associated with that person’s general personality. “I think the type of music people listen to is an outlet for their personality,” Kymberly Trutwin articulates when asked the stereotypical question on music and a person’s personality. It helps to bring out the qualities about someone that may not be as evident to the outside world.

Brian Warren thinks that it can show some of the hidden traits about someone. “I believe that it can show intelligence.” he claims. Many people aren’t aware of what is behind most songs musical composition. Some people just assume that because a person acts and dress’s a certain way the genre of music they listen to automatically reflects this. This is not necessarily true, how would you feel if that person wearing skinny jeans listened to classical music? Or if the blonde cheer leader listened to metal? Music is a way to showing the core traits that people sometimes choose to hide from the world.

Overall it’s no secret that music is a big part of senior life at Woodland Park High School. It can take you away from all the challenges of school and life and bring you to a more relaxed and calm place. A freshman can walk in as a certain type of person and by the time they reach their senior year they are a completely different person. Music can show the changes that a person goes through in the four years they attend high school. An artist sets out to tell a story and set the scene for a listener whether it be the background to homework or a lyrical song that you can’t ignore music is an important part of teenager’s lives. Like Bob Marley said “One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.”