The art of collecting crystal and stones


Lavana Hahs, Reporter

Collecting gems, stones, crystals, and rocks is something many of us have probably heard of people doing but most likely thought that not many people actually did it. Many people actually do! When you collect these pieces of nature you can actually make a connection with them emotionally in a way, each stone or crystal means something or is for something if you choose to use them that way. These gems include;

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that can give you protection and can be used to cleanse and purify, it acts as a barrier against unhealthy environments and psychic attacks.

Rose quartz this lovely light pink crystal is the crystal that represents unconditional love and is the stone of the heart, the energy this stone holds is feminine and healing.

Sapphire are worn for good fortune and spiritual insight. Along with this they can also mean wise judgment and strength.

Tigers eye releases fear and anxiety and aids in balance. It can help you take action and handle tough situations with discernment and understanding.