Feature Poem

Noah Selvin, Uma Hahs

Poetry is one the best art forms (writer’s opinion) to express one’s emotions and thoughts. There are many people in our very school that are capable of making beautiful poetry that could very possible be held to the same level as Robert Frost or Walt Whitman, depending on how you perceive the art, that is. The following poem was written by Uma Hahs, a freshman at WPHS.


Slow lovers, phycotic decay in a burning room.
Feeling betrayal, my emotions are chasing you.
The bumps on our roads, this highway goes two ways.
The harsh cold light and the warm embrace of night.
It’s not just words, it’s the way you make me feel.
We’re dancing through fire, and were swimming the ocean waves.
You’re the paint to my view and the brush that takes my hand.
Singing childhood melodies wishing no one could tell the secrets you’re keeping.


Now, don’t be mean spirited towards anybody who submits their poems to the newspaper. It’s not particularly kind to be rude to people who pour their heart out onto paper. You’re laughing at their emotions, and that, my good sir or madam, is just not that cool.