Volleyball in the Springtime


Will Passink, Reporter

Woodland Park High School is now entering the next phase of sports that are being played in non-traditional seasons. One of the sports just beginning is volleyball, which would have normally been finished in Fall. The season will officially start with tryouts on March 8th and 9th with the first game being at home against Air Academy on March 16th. This season there will be several changes including scheduling and COVID precautions. Head Coach Stacy Roshek elaborated on the scheduling changes saying, “We will be playing 14 regular season matches instead of the usual 23.” She also spoke on a couple of the COVID precautions being taken stating, “This year, teams will not switch sides, they will stay on the same side of the net for the entire match. The players will also be required to wear masks at all times.” Although some of these changes are not exactly ideal, especially for the players, there is one nice thing to look forward to. Spectators will be allowed at the games which has not been the case in many of the sports and activities earlier this year. 

This season the Panthers are following up on a successful season from last year, where they won the CSML Championship. Coach Roshek is hoping to claim that title again this year. That is not the only goal the Panthers have for this season. After suffering a loss in the regional tournament last year, the girls have their sights set on something they got so close to last year. Speaking of her hopes for the season, Junior Grace McClintock said, “A hope I have for this season is to go to state. Being so close to going last year has put a chip on all of our shoulders.” Aside from those big season goals, there are many other things for the team to look forward to when starting a new season. When asked if there were any specific things she is excited for this year, Stacy replied, “ I am excited that we get to play at all, but I do wish it was more than 14 matches. I am also excited to just see how this team does and how well they adjust to their roles on the court.” Grace answered the same question saying, “I’m excited to just go out there and have fun with my teammates and hopefully play in front of a good crowd like we do in a normal year.”