Physical Education


Nicolas Hale , Reporter

 Physical education classes here in Woodland Park High School definitely exist however, many students here in Woodland Park are being denied access to weightlifting, and other physical education classes. The classes being offered are being quickly filled up, which then emerges a problem for students missing out on important training for sports, or just overall health in general. Woodland Park High School perhaps needs to focus more attention on the matter, and realize that physical fitness should be of easy access to the students.  We decided to get Senior Elliot Patterson’s thoughts on this situation here’s what he had to say, “I think it’s a bad idea especially because schools promote being active and fit, but they won’t let kids get a weightlifting class or a gym class.” we also asked Elliot what the overall benefits of having these gym classes would be on students and here’s what he had to say “They’d be better for students because they give you an overall healthier lifestyle and make you more active.” Physical Education can positively effect your body in many ways. Having Physical education classes will help prevent obesity and keep stable blood pressure levels. They can also help grow a strong bone structure, also a study showed that kids who are more physically active are absent less. Also Physical Education can help enhance your learning. Another reason why we should keep Physical Education classes is because it helps relieve stress. As you may know high school students are dealing with a lot of stress and work, having a Physical Education class will help relieve that stress on many students by doing fun Physical activities, and the less stress on the students the better because the students have to do a lot and the stress isn’t good for their health. Next why we should have Physical Education classes is because it will help with your sleep. Physical Education will help with sleep by using up all your energy so you’re tired at the end of the day. The benefits from getting more sleep are that you be awake in the morning of the next school day so you’ll be alert and perform better in class in general vs. a tired not well rested student, so you’ll be awake and ready to learn and way more focused. Finally the last reason we should have Physical Education classes is because it stimulates Brain Plasticity. Stimulating Brain Plasticity will basically make your brain more fluid. By making your Brain more fluid this will basically make students learn information easier, and it will also help you learn way more all together. Jordan post, a teacher here in Woodland park High School, shared his thoughts on the topic, “Now more than ever in society whether it be america or globally, students should have facilitated exercise whether that be dodge ball, weight lifting, or even a 20 min walk.”  Perhaps, Woodland Park High School needs to focus more attention on the subject of the matter, and provide another class in order to provide for the students and in order to develop the students as individuals, and this school as a whole. Having easy access to the weight room, pays off in the sports team, and pays off in the success of those teams.