Letting the team down


Nicolas Hale , Reporter

As you may know, student athletes must be academically eligible in order to be able to play in games in any highschool sports. Athletes fall victim to ineligibility and it can be very detrimental to the team. This year at Woodland Park High School administration has changed the grading system to standardized grading and it’s making much more difficult for students to become eligible. When student athletes become ineligible not only does it affect the ineligible students but it takes a big toll on the team, because their teammates can no longer play affecting the outcome of the game. Many of our athletic teams at Woodland Park have ineligible students including the softball team. I got the chance to talk to Senior Jada Boddy who is captain of the softball team about ineligible students how it affects the team. This is what she said. “They kept us from going to regionals” She also said, “It makes it a lot harder at practice and games because other players have to play in positions they’re not familiar with.”  I also asked Jada if she thought it was harder to stay eligible with this new grading system or with the old one. Here is what she said, “ I definitely feel like with the standardized grading system it’s a lot harder to stay eligible because teachers are more strict with the quality of work they want done, and it feels like all the teachers have higher standards for us students, versus the old grading system which seemed like to me personally was just easier to understand and teachers didn’t hold their standards as high.” I also got the chance to talk to senior Kaden Koksma about eligibility and how it affects the football team, and their games, here is what he had to say. “ it affects the team pretty heavily, I would say everyone is holding their weight and persevering through this new grading system, and We haven’t had too many ineligible kids ” Lasty i asked Kaden if it was harder to stay eligible with our new grading system or our old one, he stated,“ I would say this one is a little bit harder but as long as you do work it’s manageable”. Overall, it’s not fair to slack on grades, and make your team suffer.