Soccer ‘19-’20

Soccer ‘19-’20

Haley Prater and Parker Conley

This year’s soccer team has Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. So far this years season has gone well, and we’ve only brought our A-game.The new main coaches this year are Mr. Pappadakis and Mr. Post. We asked Mr. Pappadakis how he thought the season was going and he without question told us it’s going ‘excellent’. We then asked him what he thought the players and teams could do better and he stated; “Doing better…nothing; being better…something. So what they need to be, is more technically correct…but that comes with experience…” The last soccer game is October 24, 2019 which concludes the season, leaving out regionals. 

This year a lot more people started showing support for the soccer teams by showing up to watch. Players are really noticing the larger amount of crowds and appreciate the support. In the beginning of the season, they started their games at Meadowood Sports Complex while the new track was being installed on the football field. After the track was finished, they began playing at the school. Once they started playing at home, the games were much easier to attend, but they did start charging three dollar entry unless you have an activity pass. There you can receive a stamp so if you need to leave and come back, you don’t have to have the worry of having to pay twice. 

The soccer games at home usually provide concessions in the commons to support other sports teams with the funds from the sales. They usually have chips, candy, and hot chocolate for the extra cold games. When it’s a home game there are boosters selling clothes such as shirts, socks, or hats to keep you warm. Most of these profits can go towards supplying the soccer team with new gear with greatly improves their seasons.

Junior Varsity plays at four, and Varsity plays at six usually with a half hour in between. Each half is about forty to forty five  minutes long, with about a ten or fifteen minute time period between halves. There are usually games every Tuesday and Thursday, and usually there is one home game and one away game each week. The schedule is on the school website under ‘Events Calendar’ 

It’s heartwarming to see the families and friends of the soccer players coming to the games. Together we’re creating  a family and strong bond between one another and cheering for the whole team, rather than just their kids. Going to support the soccer team doesn’t just put you there to see them play, it brings you into the community of the “cheer squad” for our players. 

Even though in many people’s eyes, soccer is one of the lesser cared about sport activities at the school, we encourage those to go to soccer games and show your support and school spirit as our athletes are all important and need the encouragement. Players are really seeing the bigger amounts of people who are coming to the games. The coaches along with the players really appreciate the community coming together and watching our school play hard.