USAW Weightlifting Club

Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

Woodland Park High School has plenty of opportunities for its students; academically, socially and athletically. Athletically, Woodland Park High School offers a wide variety of sports and has now included a weightlifting club. There are only two lifters that compete for Woodland Park High School, however they have set the bar high for others.This club has already performed very well and strives to continue its successes with the help of Coach Gerszewski.


We spoke with the coach of Woodland Park High School’s USAW Weightlifting club, Coach Charles Gerszewski. He explains what exactly this club is and what goes into practices and competitions. He says that lots of heavy lifting and technique work goes into preparing for lifting competitions as well as diet if they need to cut weight depending on their weight class. Mr. Gerszewski has a background in lifting and coached weightlifting in crossfit gyms on both local and national levels. Gerszewski played college football and opened crossfit gyms in Houston, Texas which is where his [passion for lifting began. Mr. Gerszewski tells us about the competition and how his athletes performed, “They both set personal records at the meet.. And Nick qualified for nationals”. Gerszewski takes pride in his athletes and is constantly helping them become better than they were the day before.


The national qualifier for the Woodland Park High School weightlifting club, Nick Conlin tells us what his purpose for lifting is. He says that his lifting journey began with crossfit and Mr. Gerszewski approached him to see if he would be interested in joining a weightlifting club. Nick constantly puts in work for with Mr. Gerszewski, lifting about 4 times a week. Conlin tells us that the stress of the competition was the hardest part, “That was my first competition so the stress of everyone there watching me was difficult”. Nick has only been doing crossfit since the beginning of 2018 and has only been to one competition and has already qualified for a lifting competition on a national level.


One of the other lifters who compete, Patrick Proffet explains his experience with lifting. Patrick began lifting about two years ago and plans on lifting, “A lot of weight”. We says that a struggle of lifting is that hurts when you are lifting a lot of weight. Patrick lifts two times a day everyday for around an hour. Patrick plays soccer as well and says that he can see that the work he puts in during Woodland Park High School’s weight lifting club shows on the field when her plays. Patrick says that he values Mr. Gerszewski coaching because of how helpful and knowledgeable he is.