Pre-season Softball

Libby Evans, Reporter

Pre- Season Softball is here! Currently the workouts have started for the summer ball playing. The softball players are working out in the weight room every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm- 7:30 pm to prepare for the regular season. I asked one of my fellow classmates and a Varsity softball player Gabby Cox a few questions. First thing that was asked was “When does regular season practice start” Gabby then answered “Regular softball season practice starts at the beginning of August to prepare for the first game in the middle of the month.” Next asked was “ What is your favorite thing about softball” Gabby then said with excitement “My favorite thing about playing softball would be the team work it takes to win. Softball isn’t a one person sport.” Next, when asked about what position she played Gabby calmly said “ I am a pitcher and a catcher.”. Some of the things that the softball players do during practice is “ Working in the infield and outfield, batting, hitting the weights, and lots of running.” Some of Gabby’s favorite things to do during practice are “ Drinking water because working out is a lot of work, but it’s also great hanging out with my team and getting to know them on a personal level, and becoming a family with them.” Lastly when asked about how to stay in shape during the off season Gabby states “ Working out whenever we can and also playing club softball during the summer time.” If you get a spare time during the summer and beginning of next school you can stop by and watch your Woodland Park Softball Team.