Wrestling For The Win


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

This season for Woodland Park High Schools wrestling team was one for the books. They conquered many difficult situations throughout their season and extended it to the 3A state championship. Six boys from the wrestling team were able to compete at the state championship; Brady Hakin, Cole Gray, Colton Simonis, Brad Conlin, Zach Dooley and Jacob Garner. They fought throughout the tournament and two of them now have state titles. Cole Gray won 3rd place in state for the 160 pound weight class and Brady Hakin won 1st place as a freshman in the 106 pound weight class. They left with the support of their fellow classmates, teachers and community members and these boys came back proud of their accomplishments.


When speaking with freshman Brady Hakin our state champion he describes his experience at the state championships. He says that the Pepsi Center was a really cool when describing the size and atmosphere. Brady says that a lot of training lead up to the opportunity to wrestle at state, it was mostly drilling he says. Brady tells us that he won a whopping thirty-four matches while only losing one. Next year Brady Hakin is expecting the same outcome at the state championships as this year. He plans on wrestling at the college level once he graduates from Woodland Park High school, he’s hoping to go to Ohio or Penn State. He says that to wrestle at the incredible level he is wrestling at currently you have to practice a lot. The wrestlers all bleached their hair blonde for the state tournament as a team bonding experience and to represent their hard work.


Another wrestler here at Woodland Park high School Cole Gray, a junior placed in state as well. Cole won 3rd place in the !!!!! weight class. He says that his experience at state was intense for the most part and very serious.Cole credits his opportunity at state to the thirteen years that he has been wrestling. He has been to the state tournament on multiple occasions and says that this year it was much more serious than in the past. Next year Cole’s Goal is to win first place in his weight class. Cole plans on wrestling in college at either ASU or Wyoming State. He says that he works out at least three times a day and stays to his diet.


Jacob Garner a senior here at Woodland Park High School says that the state championship was really fun but difficult. He explains what lead up to state, “It was a lot of work, it was constant hard work everyday”. Although Jacob did not place in the state tournament he put in hard work throughout the season. Unlike the some of the other wrestlers on the team Jacob Garner does not plan on wrestling in college. Garner explains that a lot goes into wrestling, “Constant hard work, you have to be mentally strong and physically tough”. Unfortunately Jacob Garner will not be wrestling at this level ever again but he is very proud of all that he has accomplished.