Swimming Their Way to Success


Kyla Wells, Reporter

Many people focus on popular American sports such as football, basketball, and softball, but an awesome opportunity to uncover other sports has just been born here at WPHS. The creation of a boy’s hockey team in the fall of 2018 led to a girl’s swim team, which many are rejoicing about. Not only did the addition of the aquatic center benefit the community, but we are seeing more involvement with the new activity that it hosts. For a majority of the girl’s swim team, this is their first time experimenting with competitive swim. Hopefully, the years to come will enrich them will team building skills and memories that last a lifetime. With the team at the latter end of their season, it’s safe to say the first year was a success.

Only 4 more meets: including a home meet, two invitationals, and league, and the season will be over. But this was not the beginning for some girls. Club swim began at the beginning of fall which was a great opportunity to prepare for the school season. Preparation is a good idea considering how hard these swimmers work. Being successful in school is a thing by itself, but when paired with extracurriculars, the high school experience can be a time and a half. This is even heightened during finals week.

To satisfy curiosity about what daily practices look like, junior, Audrey Kinsman said, “They’re an hour and a half long, every day that we don’t have a meet, and we focus on different strokes on different days, do some drills, and sometimes do intervals.” For those of you wondering, that includes freestyle, breaststroke, fly, and backstroke.

No sports team, choir, band, or any activity at all, is perfect, even if there are only minor tweaks to be made. “We need to see more involvement”, stated Audrey. “Right now, we only have about 9 people on the team. Smaller schools tend to have around 10-15 athletes while bigger schools can have up to 20 or 30”. With two swimmers out and unable to compete, the swim team is at an even bigger disadvantage. Kat Clouthier, a sophomore, is unfortunately recently injured due to torn tendons, but wishes everyone well and hopes to be back next season. This statistic is a small setback that hopefully, the team can overcome next season. If you’ve ever even considered attending an informational meeting or tryouts, don’t hesitate any longer! Who knows, you could swim your way to success!

All in all, the debut year of the girl’s swim team has been a great accomplishment. Our swimmers have been working hard, and it has been showing. Woodland Park was proud to host two home meets so far, seeing a good showing at both, says Kinsman. Next fall, the girls will be ready to jump off the block and dive into a new season.