Homecoming Fight


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

On Friday September 21st, our Woodland Park panther football team will fight for the homecoming title. Our community is eagerly waiting for this match. The panthers will be playing Eagle county’s Battle Mountain football team. Homecoming week has been filled with spirit and preparation for the conclusion of this week.


Although the football team has lost their first three games of the season, senior Jacob Garner is optimistic about the upcoming game. Garner plays left tackle and has approximately a decade of experience playing this brutal game. Garner shows the panther spirit when being interviewed, “Homecoming is coming up and we’re going to win against Battle Mountain, we’re going to fight”. Jacob says he is excited to be “hittin’ folks” and expects a great turnout.


Sophomore, Jacob Wilkinson has been playing football for about eight years and is the starting right guard for our Woodland Park football team. Jacob acknowledges that this season is not the best but they’re all putting in the effort to do the best they can. Jacob looks forward to beating Battle Mountain during the homecoming football game. Jacob expects the homecoming football game to be filled with panther spirit and for the team to play as a unit.


Darren Genger, a sophomore at Woodland Park High School enjoys his position as middle linebacker,  because he is able to lead the defense. When Darren was asked how the season is going he states, “It’s going pretty well. Considering how young we are, we have definitely grown a lot and I feel like as time goes on we will definitely be a really big contender in our division”. Darren is looking forward to playing many teams that the program hasn’t ever played before, he is especially excited to play Manitou Springs.


The homecoming football game hosted by Woodland Park High School was exploding with panther spirit. People of all ages from the community attended the event and several of them were Woodland Park Alumni. An interesting sight to see at the game were letterman jackets from years ago. You could see the difference of new and old members of the community all coming together to celebrate and exciting event. As you gazed up the stands there were oceans of green and black, smiling faces, and excitement. Although the Panthers fell to the Huskies on this chilly night, they put up a fight and showed some heart with many exciting plays.


After the intense game we interviewed Jacob Garner once again to get a better understanding of what happened. Garner explains that the penalties are what did the most damage despite the effort put in. Jacob says, “I think our teamwork was great, we were talking, not yelling at each other and were just being family”. Jacob believes they can use this as a learning experience and get better from there.


The Woodland Park Panthers are obviously upset by the lost of the homecoming, they will use it as motivation to become better and improve upon areas where it is needed. The next game will be September 24, 2018 at home against La-Junta. Hopefully they will have better luck this Friday and learn from their previous mistakes.