Homecoming Week


Jenna Brink, Reporter

Halls decorated, students showing school spirit, and sports scheduled all week. It’s clear Woodland Park displayed tons of school spirit all week toward the highly anticipated homecoming. This year homecoming was on September 22, themed after the four seasons with each grade dressing to their corresponding season. The halls also added to the mood that week by having different colored lights, props, and decorations covering the school from floor to ceiling. Each hall, also corresponding the four seasons to each grade took students to different times in the year with every turn. Not just Fridays, but all week students had the opportunity to dress up for spirit week. Monday, the school was filled with even brighter students who wore neon. The day was concluded by the second assembly of the year, where cheerleaders flipped and the marching band played wearing glow sticks in the dark. Wednesday, the town came together either participating or catching candy and enjoying everyone’s hard work from the sidewalk. The bonfire was held later that night at the middle school where students could hang out with friends and add energy to the upcoming homecoming football game. Friday, the final day before the dance was also packed with events. Every student wore their class color to show spirit within their grade to add contrast within the assembly. Later that night, our football team had a big home game for homecoming, unfortunately they didn’t make it out on top, but they gave an amazing effort. During the game, the school marching band was able to cheer on the team performing at halftime with their songs, and choreographed show. Finally on Saturday, students came back to school ready for homecoming. The week was concluded when everyone danced, had a great time, and took photos together to look back on the night and remember the memories that they had made.

Miranda Schroetlin, a freshman who is new to the area was especially excited for homecoming and when asked what she was looking forward to that week, she replied, “The dress up days are fun because you get to mess around and be crazy and it’s fun to see how everyone else dressed up.”  When I wondered what her favorite part about her very first high school dance was, she answered with, “The dance was fun because there were a lot of people there and it felt very lively and active”. I also got the chance to talk to Kelly Schmidt, a math teacher here who loved dressing up for spirit week. Her favorite day to dress up was Tuesday, when everyone  wore their best impressions of tourist to school. She came prepared with a fanny pack, hat, and even a detailed cardboard display of a car with a steering wheel and Texas license plates. When I wondered why this was her favorite day to participate in, she explained “I always like to poke fun at terrible drivers”. This eventful week sure made many memories for everyone to look back on and made an excellent start to the 2018-2019 school year.