Homecoming Soccer game 9/20/2018

Libby Evans, Reporter

Woodland park high school lost their homecoming game against Canon City Tigers. The score was 0-0 in the first half. In the second half the Canon City Tigers scored 2 goals within the first 15 minutes. When interviewed about their loss and how the team will over come their loss Erik Vanroekel quotes “ we know what we were struggling on, and we want to improve with our running and being more aggressive”. Vanroekel then goes on about their goals for the rest of the season to come stating “ as a team we want to work on keeping the ball on their side of the field and being more aggressive. Over all just to work as a team and have a strong season”. Lastly Vanroekel when asked about the upcoming game against the Coranado Cougars on Tuesday September 25 he says, “Our team is ready for it and we are going to take it head on and fight until it’s over”. The Panthers will attempt to advance on its 3-4 season record. Greg Pappadakis was asked the same questions about their loss and he stated “Well we are trying a new formation in the next game and the coach tried to tell us his strategy for us the approach will be slightly different”. Pappadakis the went on stating about his goals for the rest of the season “I don’t know about any team goals, but i’m hoping for at least two more wins”. The Woodland Park rankings after this loss for national are 3768, in the state they are ranked as 172 and for the state class the soccer team is 57. The average amount of goals per game are 2.6. The Panther assists per match are 1.2. The average shots for varsity are 108. The goals against average are 2.600. The saves per match by the goalie are 6.0. As you can tell with the players quotes and the stats accumulated above the Woodland Park Panthers are ready to take on the rest of the season.