Cross Country Team Runs to the Start!


Michael Colvin, Reporter

The cross country team is currently in season. I went to go interview one of the members on the cross country team. His name is Nicholai Vogel. He’s currently 15 and a sophomore. He joined cross country because of the community. There was nothing that made him interested it was just something that he had to do. He currently says that the freshmen are doing really well. He says, “the last few races were a bit of a challenge.” I later interviewed another member of the team. His name is Ryan Orth. He is also currently 15 and a sophomore. He joined cross country for the community of the team and the enjoyment from the team and sport. He was interested in cross country for the challenge and the challenge of running 3 miles he says that it brings that fun and the fact that there’s a family aspect to the team. He says, “the freshmen that ran in middle school and are now running for the high school, are doing completely well in the transition and are competing as well as some of the juniors and seniors on the team”. Next I went to interview a team captain to see how the team was doing in the eyes of a captain. Cameron Howard is currently 17 and a senior. He got interested in cross country from the team aspect and running was a daily activity. The strongest points in the current team is in the boys team. He says, “they would have had a pretty solid team if some of the boys returned.” He says the freshmen transitioned really well. They transitioned with the distance change along with some freshmen sitting in the top 5. Now I went to go interview one of the coaches to get an overall team view. I interviewed Coach Schoudel, he’s been coaching for four years at Woodland Park, he’s been assistant coach or head coach for the last 20 years. His overall view of the entire team, is that the boys are doing strong this year while the girls on the other hand are in the building process by getting better day by day. The strongest points currently in the team for the boys their numbers are good with solid runners. Girls are currently short on numbers but two girls are stepping it up this year. I wanted to check in to make sure the cross country coach says that the team was like family. He indeed say that they are one big family. They cheer for each other, help each other, cry for each other when needed to, they definitely sweat together as a family and so they definitely are a family. Schoudel is interested with the cross country sport by watching how they improve and grow both in personality and skill. The last few races were mentioned to be good. At a big meet the boys made it 7th out of 23 teams. Girls got 11th out of 23 teams. And during this race there were some pretty big schools in the meet. The smaller meet that occured last week, had 3rd for the boy’s team while the girl’s results are unknown currently. From the interviews and results from the past three races, the cross country team seems to be doing great both on the boys and girls teams. For now, wish the team luck to finish strong.