A day in the life of WPHS wrestling


Nic Hale, Kaden Koksma , Reporter

First and foremost, high school wrestling is one of, if not the most, challenging sports offered. There is a great deal of both physical and mental strain put on every wrestler each day. Your meals have to be low in fat as well as other helpful vitamins. Nutrition is a huge key in success to wrestling because everything you eat has to count because often times wrestlers are not allowed to eat, and if so we eat very little. Finding the balance between fitness, nutrition, and dedication is the key to being a successful wrestler and having a successful team and those are the values that drive wrestlers here at Woodland Park every day. A daily schedule for a high school wrestler is hectic and exhausting. It begins in the morning after a weekend of eating on fatty, greasy, delicious foods that are forbidden during the week. Every wrestler in the country knows that as soon as the bell sounding the end of the day rings, our living hell begins. The word that is dreaded by all wrestlers is “practice!” Fortunately for our team, coach Sieracki wants us to be the most physically fit team in the state of Colorado, so he is more than generous with our conditioning. Each practice starts by doing a light warmup, then after that a series of stretches to stretch any tense muscles out. Not to mention the morning workouts that wrestlers here in Woodland Park are required to do. Wrestlers wake up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning nearly every morning and do very intense workouts, mainly due to the fact that our morning workouts are ran by a special forces colonel, Coach Chuck. To better understand the true meaning of a wrestling practice, think for a minute about doing 150 burpees, plus more fun, exhausting, stretching activities before you start wrestling. After the mat drill, the fun really begins, actual wrestling. The next two hours are full of cross-faces, headlocks, and various other pinning combinations. The feeling of heading home after a day like this brings joy to everyone. Taking a shower, having a salad and juice for dinner, doing some homework, and hitting their comfortable beds are the most common activities that end a very stressful day. Tomorrow will be a repeat of the grueling activities of the previous day, but it is all worth it in the end when your hand is raised in victory. During wrestling season, our team competes at tournaments every weekend, in places such as Elizabeth, Florence, Buena Vista, and Canon city. Although, tournaments take up much of our free time it is well worth it when your hand is raised on the mat in victory. Every weekend is full of nervous butterflies, painful injuries, happiness, and sadness. In the midst of all this, our wrestling team becomes closer than ever and they all gain a brotherhood for one another. Wrestlers have one of the closest team bonds because they all experience true pain and although some may say wrestling is an individual sport, none of it would be possible without a united team.