Support our Panthers


Patrice Schnierle, Reporter


Every sport at Woodland Park High School is full of hard working athletes who deserve recognition and praise. So far, there are 6 sports going on; football, volleyball. soccer, cross country, golf, and cheerleading. But does every sport get the recognition they deserve? Most people look forward to the Friday night football games, which is a great way to start the weekend off right. It’s great that our students are supporting the football team, but other athletes feel as if they aren’t supported. Jacob Thornton, a sophomore on the JV and Varsity soccer team comments on this issue, “Not everyone gives us recognition because we’ve had a losing streak in the past. Now, us compared to football, this season we have a better winning streak,  but they still get all of the praise even though soccer can be just as thrilling and we actually win.” Our soccer team has been playing strongly so far, and would love to have a crowd cheering them on.

Another sports team that doesn’t get enough recognition is our golf team. This year, Shane Purkey and Jace Cisneros went to regional championships and finished in 4th place. It’s the first time in the program’s history that our golf team qualified. It was made aware, but they weren’t celebrated or rewarded nearly enough. Shane Purkey says he felt celebrated but not as much as football would be. “It’s been something I’ve been wanting for the four years I’ve been playing high school golf. I think the football team is more established at the high school and have been successful this year especially against Sierra. At this point, it’s expected that golf qualify for state. Golf isn’t a very popular sport as is, but I think golf is getting a better reputation this year.”

Catie Whelan, a freshman cross country member provides her opinion, “Moneywise, it doesn’t get as much funded because it isn’t a popular sport and people think we don’t need equipment. Socialwise, I guess it isn’t one of the most popular fall sports; not a lot of people from our school come to our home meets and a lot of people go to the football and volleyball games.”

All of our sports at Woodland Park High School are successful and worth celebrating. In order to show school spirit, it’s important to go to the different sporting events and cheer our teams to victory. Next time you are looking for something to do on a school night, come out and support the different fall sports teams our high school has. It will make you feel good and it will make the athletes feel supported. When the athletes see that you support them, they will gladly return the favor and support your sports team