Softball 2k17


Dacotah Simonis , reporter

The Woodland Park Softball Team has been hard at work for the past few weeks. They all love the sport and have a strong desire to play and practice. Everyday they show up to practice and put in some great hard work and effort to be the best they can be. They have had some really hard losses and a great win. They are striving to be a better team and practicing to get more wins under their belt.

Jada Boddy is a sophomore who played varsity freshman year which happened to be her very first year playing, she is also on varsity this year. Jada plays shortstop and center field.  She played club softball for the Aqua Sox and got invited to play on a national team in Florida for the United States national qualifier. This year she is going All American along with Gabby Cox.  Jada wants to move onto a collegiate and maybe even professional level of softball when she graduates high school. She has a lot of faith for the rest of the season because the rest of their games are all conference. She says the key players for team are Skye Patterson, Lena Knapp, Gabby Cox, and Madigan Kleppe. She says, “They help bring a lot of enthusiasm and skill to the team when it is really needed.” She also says that the biggest motivators on the team are her coaches because they push her to not let them down and make her a better player for herself and the team. Lena Knapp has played softball for 7 years and she also plays for the club team Aqua Sox as a third basemen. This year she plans to play for the club team Altitude based out of Colorado Springs. She says that if she could choose captains then she feels “Skylar and Madi because they are older and they set a good example for the younger players.” She also says that she belives the coaches are the biggest motivators and they push her to be better. They have had one tournament this year and they have a few more later this year. They didn’t win any games at the tournament but they didn’t give up and kept pushing through. Jv coach Dan Silvius said, “there are 16 players on both teams and he has a lot of faith in them to go far” He has coached softball for 5 years and along with softball he has coached wrestling. This is his first year coaching the Woodland Park Jv softball team. The panthers record is 9 losses and 1 win against the Harrison Panthers at home. They all agreed on the fact that Valor Christian was and will be the hardest game they’ve had all year. They went into the game thinking they were gonna lose and that caused them to do more poorly than expected. They lost the game 0-20. Hopefully the softball team turns around their season and ends the year with a winning record! Come out and support you’re Woodland Park Panther softball players!