Panther Volleyball 2k17


Ellen Miller , reporter

Woodland Park volleyball is the prime definition of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and desire for the sport. Our lady Panthers have created a home on the court, where they share glorious victories as well as tough losses.  Head Coach Christy Cornell has high hopes for the team this season.  Team captains Teagan Couch and Ellen Miller lead the team with optimism and integrity. So what is new to expect for this upcoming season? Libero/Captain Couch states that she is looking forward to the duration of the season for the competitive aspect. “The most important part about being a captain is being positive. The captain lifts the spirits up.” Junior libero also mentioned the players that bring the most to the team, emotionally and physically. “Ellen Miller is one of the key players for the team. She brings a lot of positivity. Another key player for our team this year is Kourtney Cox. I can always count on her to get a kill or to bring us back up.” The Panthers are facing new competition this year as well as new obstacles in terms of communication.  “We’re a great team; we have our ups and downs however. Sometimes, we’ll have miscommunication during a play which causes some frustration on the court, but we do a pretty decent job of executing a not well rehearsed play, and we do a great job of recovering from a rough point during a set.” The Panthers have had a history of being a defensive team mentally and physically. Miller states, ”Our team takes wins and losses very intensely, in some ways, it’s a good and bad thing. All of us have the competitive drive, however when we lose, it’s personal to each and every one of us. But when we win, it’s like we won the olympics.” Senior Mackenzie Stultz gives us her insight on this season in terms of what she is looking forward to most and what she can work on. “ I’m most looking forward to the connections I will make with the team. And something, I want to work on is definitely staying positive.” As a team, some team goals they’ve chosen for the season have been to practice like they’ve never won and play like they’ve never lost. Head varsity coach Christie Cornell shared this quote with her team at the beginning of the season in hopes that it will keep them motivated on and off the court. JV setter Dacotah Simonis shares that “Coach Christie holds all three teams on a more competitive pedestal. That’s definitely something I’ve noticed so far this season, in terms of our warm-ups and how we hold ourselves together. It’s a lot more competitive.” The teams are looking very intense,  have lots of potential on having a strong record, and they’re all looking forward to bonding with their teams, coaches, and themselves. Volleyball is more mentally dependent rather than based on physical attributes. You can teach skill, but you can’t teach passion, or teamwork.