Higschool Football 3A Teams Overview and Predictions; Week 7

Mac McClintock, Senior Editer

1. Discovery Canyon (6-0)
Last Game: 48-0 win against Woodland Park
Next Game: Lewis Palmer (District 20 Stadium)
Overview: The Thunder last week showed off their high power offense, scoring 48 points on the road against the Woodland Park Panthers. The Discovery Canyon offense averages 42.83 points per game while only allowing 12.3 points per game. This gives Discovery Canyon the league’s highest average scoring differential at 31.2. It’s hard to imagine anyone beating them.


2. Lewis Palmer (6-0)
Last Game: 58-27 win against Canon City
Next Game: Discovery Canyon (District 20 Stadium)
Overview: The high flying offense of Lewis Palmer could not be stopped as they put up a whopping 58 points on Canon City. On defense, Lewis Palmer stumbled a little, giving up 27 points. That is the second most points they have given up all year. The Ranger’s offense averages 42.83 points per game and their defense only allows 16.6 points per game. Those are both second best in the league, only behind Discovery Canyon. The team’s average scoring differential is 26.23, once again only behind Discovery Canyon. If anyone can beat the Thunder, it’s this team.


3. Falcon (2-4)
Last Game: 42-8 win against Mitchell
Next Game: Canon City
Overview: The Falcon’s looked completely unstoppable against a lesser team like Mitchell. The game was truly a complete team win, with the Falcon’s dominating both defense as well as offense. The Falcon offense played way better than their average 18.3 points per game. Their defense also played far better than expected, only allowing 8 points; 11 points better than their average 19.3 points per game. Overall the team has a -1 average point differential, and will try and get into the positives this week.


4. Canon City (2-4)
Last Game: 27-58 loss to Lewis Palmer
Next Game: Falcon
Overview: What has been somewhat an up and down season for Canon City continues. Each week for Canon City is a question of whether the defense will be able to stay together long enough for the high octane passing attack to win games for them. For lack of a better analogy, they are comparable to the New Orleans Saints. Canon City averages 28.5 points a game, yet their defense gives up 36.5 points a game; the worst in the league. Overall this gives Canon City a -8 average point differential, which is not that bad and could be a lot better if they just play a little defense.


5. Woodland Park (2-4)
Last Game: 0-48 loss to Discovery Canyon
Next Game: Mitchell
Overview: Woodland Park is the exact opposite of Canon City. This team averages 12.5 points a game, which is last in the league. Their defense, on the other hand, gives up 24.16 points a game, ranking them third in the league. Woodland Park’s average point differential is -11.66.


6. Mitchell (2-4)
Last Game: 8-42 loss at Falcon
Next Game: Woodland Park
Overview: Mitchell truly does not do anything competently. The team has the league’s second worst average offensive scoring at 16.6. They also have the second worst defense, allowing an average of 29.83 points per game. Overall this equates to a -13.23 average point differential.


Game Previews:


Discovery Canyon against Lewis Palmer
Odds: Discovery Canyon is 4.5 favorites.
Over/Under: 50.5

Preview: This is a game that will probably decide the winner of the southern league and might have serious implications for the 3A state playoffs. Both teams are coming off blowout wins and are top flight on both defense and offense. This should be a close game and one of the best games all year.
Mac’s Pick: Discovery Canyon doesn’t cover. Over
Tyler’s Pick: Discovery Canyon. Under


Falcon at Canon City
Odds: Falcon is a 6.5 favorite.
Over/Under: 37.5

Preview: The Falcon’s, a well balanced team, will travel to Canon City. The Falcon’s have to be feeling good after putting up 42 points last week. This week the Falcon’s get an even weaker defense coming into Canon City. This game should have plenty of scoring, and it will be interesting to see if Canon’s City’s offense can overcome their defenses shortcomings.
Mac’s Pick: Falcon covers. Over
Tyler’s Pick: Canon City. Under


Woodland Park at Mitchell
Odds: Woodland Park is a 1.5 point favorite.
Over/Under: 28.5

Preview: After less than stellar performances last week, both of these teams will be looking to bounce back. I would not expect much scoring in this game, but the Woodland Park running game might break out and put up a fair amount of points on Mitchell. It’s hard to see how Mitchell will be able to score on Woodland Park’s defense, but it’s possible.
Mac’s Pick: Woodland Park Covers. Under
Tyler’s Pick: Woodland Park. Under

*The Woodland Park High School and Panther Perspective paper do not approve gambling. Number’s provided in this article are meant only for entertainment and to provide analysis.*