Woodland Park loses heart break against Harrison

Mac McClintock, Editor

Woodland Park went into Harrison desperately needing to win. Both teams were coming in with a record of 2-2 and this game could be a turning point for one of the two teams. The game started out really bad for Woodland Park. They got the ball on the kick off and ran two plays before fumbling and giving the ball to Harrison. Harrison would not mess around and quickly scored on a 25 yard run by their senior running back Nate Patterson.

Woodland Park on their next drive would put in sophomore quarterback Angelo Salazar and move Senior Quarterback Christian Cox out to wide receiver. Angelo, who is the quarterback of the future for the Panthers, said the experience was “eye opening” and that “varsity football is no joke.” Angelo’s time at quarterback would not last long as he only threw one pass which he over threw the receiver on.

When Harrison got the ball back they quickly were able to drive down the field and put up another touchdown putting Woodland Park down 14-0 before the end of the first quarter. This time the blow would come via a beautiful deep pass by Harrison’s sophomore quarterback Orlando Westbrook. The pass was completed to Senior Nate Patterson who had a field day for Harrison and was ripping the Woodland Park defense apart all day.

The second quarter would give the Panther’s some hope. The team seemed to come to life when Senior Orion Drummond was able to sack the Harrison quarterback on a crucial third down and this forced Harrison to punt. Woodland Park’s offense then sprang to life with a 37 yard run by Junior running back Dominic Roskam. This had to feel good for Roskam as Friday was his birthday. The Panther’s would finish the drive with a pass to junior wide receiver Ryan Barry his first touchdown on the season. That would bring the score to 14-7 which would be the score heading into halftime.

The second half started out very well for the Panther’s as they were able force Harrison to punt. Then Harrison’s punt was block by one of their own lineman’s head. Woodland Park would get the ball at the Harrison 38 yard line. The stage was set for the Panther’s to be able to tie the game up and steal one on the road against Harrison. Dominic Roskam would get the hand off and would pop it for 18 yards, but before going down he would fumble and give the ball back to Harrison.

It was later in the quarter when Harrison started driving again and would put up another touchdown and make it a two score game. If you have followed these Panther’s at all this season you will agree that this team struggles at putting up points and a two score deficit is almost an impossible mountain for this team to overcome. This team though would not quit and would try and fight back.

It was in the forth quarter when Woodland Park got the spark it needed to start a come back. They had just been stopped on third down and were forced to punt, but the Harrison Punt returner was not able to handle the punt and Woodland Park was able to recover. The Panther’s would drive down and finish off the drive on a short pass to Dominic Roskam which he would turn into a 26 yard touchdown pass. This was Christian Cox’s first multiple passing touchdown game of high school career. Unfortunately Woodland Park’s point after touchdown would be blocked and the score would be 21-13.

Harrison would get the ball back and drive it right down Woodland Park’s throat and basically walk down the field for another touchdown. The only fight that the Panther’s showed on the drive by was after they had already let Harrison score. After the officials were able to separate the two teams one player a sophomore for Harrison, Mycah Ritchie was ejected.

Woodland Park would try throwing the ball around on their next drive, but the drive would end when Christian Cox threw a game ending interception. The final was 28-13, Woodland Park would fall to 2-3 and Harrison would move to 3-2. This game for all intensive purposes destroys the Panther’s chances of making a playoff run as a wild card. They could still win their league if they won all of their incoming league games. In all actuality that is very unlikely. The goal for this team moving forward is just to be a .500 ball club and hopefully build toward the future. The team plays at home on October 7that 7:00, against Discovery Canyon this will be Woodland Park’s homecoming game and also their first league game.

In other Woodland Park athletics, the boys soccer team lost two games one to Harrison (6-2) and one to Widefield (2-1). Their overall record is now 3-7. The lady Panther’s volleyball team won both of their games this week and improve to 6-6 and more importantly are now 1-0 in league play. The girl’s Softball team have lost three straight games and now are in a tail spin and do not resemble the teams of the past three years in any form what so ever. Their overall record is now 5-10 and they are 3-3 in league. This week has definitely helped define who these teams are and how these weeks will end up playing out.