Softball Team Playing Hard Ball


Kathyrn Wilcox, Writer

Softball coaches Dale Huntington, Chad Cunningham, and Terry headed towards El Pomar softball fields on Thursday, September 2 with their varsity team ready to play against Harrison.

        Recently, the team had played against Valor Christian and loss against them. However, the team have realized their mistakes, and vowed to play even harder for this upcoming game.

        “I feel like we’ll be better this year,” said varsity senior, Kelly, “Our main goal for this season is to make it to regionals, and hopefully continue to win games.”

        “I think we have the opportunity to do better this year, to be more aggressive at home plate, and win our league if we try hard enough,” said Jayllan, another varsity senior. Jayllan was outstanding during the Valor game, managing to hit the ball. Hitting the ball against Valor is a huge achievement during this season, since their pitcher is the best in state, and their pitcher had only allowed one hit so far this season.

This years varsity team is made up of three freshman, two sophomores, two juniors and four graduating seniors.

        The Panthers have so far have a lose-win ratio of 3-5, so the Panthers haven’t success in fulfilling their goal of winning more games than losing. However, with the weather coming and going, more games have been rescheduled than not.

        The girls’ tryouts this year had been a success, gaining a lot more girls since the previous year with four added freshman, and two new sophomores. The team is hoping again to get even more recruits for next year, which will help in successfully making a C team.

        Some troubling teams for the Panthers happen to be The Classical Academy, which they had fought through two games, managing to win one and lose one. True to their word, the girls had been more successful at the home plate, hitting more pitches, and being aggressive when it comes to the ball.

        The girls had lost to TCA on September 15, playing aggressive at the plate, and running bases. Unfortunately, they lost 5 – 16.

        So far, the varsity girls have played multiple tough games, such as the Valor Christian, The Classical Academy and Harrison games already mentioned. The girls have played it tough, and when not playing in games, they practice with the coaches, Dale Huntington, Chad Cunningham, and Terry from 5:00pm until dark, working themselves hard to play better in the upcoming games.

        The girls are still hopeful and putting forth their best effort to bring pride to the softball game, and Woodland Park High School throughout the season.