Woodland Park goes on the road and beats Sierra

Mac McClintock, Editor

The Panther’s were coming into the game having lost their last two games. One of the games was a close and devastating loss to Air Academy and the other was an absolute shellacking at the hands of Conifer, but on Friday none of the seemed to matter.Woodland Park started the game out on defense and at the beginning it did not look pretty. The Sierra running back and quarterback both were finding holes for solid gains of five, ten, and even fifteen yards.The defense looked like it was going to break and let Sierra go ahead early, but a tackle for a loss. Then a illegal formation penalty. Then a false start all against Sierra quickly changed the tide of the Sierra drive and to a certain degree the momentum of the game. Sierra would end up going for it on a forth and nine, but wouldn’t get it. Their first drive of the game lasted nearly nine minutes and there were no points score this did two things. It had to have disheartened the Stallion offense and it also had to have filled the Woodland Park defense with confidence which they would carry through the rest of the game. The Woodland Park offense wasn’t able to do much in the first quarter and once again fumbled and gave the football back to Sierra. The Panther’s defense though was able to hold strong. When the Panther’s got the ball back they started running the ball right down their throats. This dominate rushing effort was spear headed by Junior running back Dominic Roskam. Roskam would finish off the drive with a short rushing touchdown. The Panther’s would attempt the point after touchdown, but the Stallions would jump offsides and let the Panther’s retry from the one yard line. Coach Roskam would decide to go for two and used a similar play to one he called against Air Academy. The play was a play action fake where Senior Christian Cox rolled out to the right and found a wide open receiver and converted the PAT. The Panther’s would take an eight nothing lead into half time. This was the first time that Woodland Park had lead at halftime since week one against Elizabeth at home. The third quarter would be a less than effective quarter for the Panther offense as the team would once again fumble and would also throw an interception on a screen pass. The good news for Woodland Park was that the defense was able to hold strong and not allow any points. In the forth quarter Woodland Park started driving and then got in a forth and nine. This is when Christian Cox was able to make a beautiful throw down the sideline for a 30 yard gain. This would put Woodland Park into the red zone and Roskam would once again finish off the drive and put the Panther’s up 15-0. Seirra would try to make a comeback and were able to score a touchdown and decided to go for two. They weren’t able to convert and were down nine with only five minutes left. The Stallions would attempt an onside kick, but it was unsuccessful. This would seal the deal for Woodland Park as they would improve to 2-2. Next week they have a must win game at Harrison on September 30th at 7:00, which is at the same field because Sierra and Harrison share a football stadium.
In other Woodland Park high school sports news. The boys varsity soccer team won nine to nothing against ECHS, but lost five to two against Mesa Ridge. That brings their overall record to 3-5.
The Varsity Softball team won two games this past week rather decisively. They beat Sierra 19-0 and they also beat Mitchell 20-0. Their overall record improves to 5-7, but they are 3-1 in league.
Overall Woodland Park did a great job on the athletic fields with an overall record of 4-1 this week.