Third week of school sports wrap-up

Mac McClintock, Senior editor

Woodland Park beat themselves in their 13-12 loss to Air Academy. The team in the first half looked almost completely lost. The offense only got two first downs the whole first half and the defense was left on the field for almost the entire half. They gave up two thirty plus yard runs, immediately following back to back Woodland Park fumbles. Those runs eventually would lead to two Kadet touchdowns and thirteen total points. It could have been an even worse half for the Panther’s if not for maybe the worst field goal attempt I have ever seen. The attempt from 27 yards did not even make it to the end zone and also would have been several yards to the left of the field goal posts. At half time, the Woodland Park faithful first saw any fireworks as Air Academy provided a rather extensive firework show. As for the second half, the third quarter provided little entertainment at all as neither team was able to mount much of an offensive attack. It was not until the fourth quarter that Woodland Park started to make a comeback. The team drove down the field and scored their first points on a one yard touchdown run from Dominic Roskam. The team tried to go for two, but failed. The defense was then able to hold the Kadets at bay and forced a three and out. The Panthers got the ball back with good field position and once again it was Roskam who carried the offense. The team was able to drive down then handed it off one last time to Roskam for a 6 yard touchdown run, his second of the quarter. This would help the Panthers pull within one. Once again Woodland Park decided to go for two. The entire game came down to one play if Woodland Park could convert, they would take the lead and just have to stop the Kadets one last time. If they didn’t, they would still trail and would have to force a three and out and drive down in score with less than two left in the game. It ended up being the ladder. The Panthers called a Quarterback roll out to the left. Cox was then unable to complete the pass to an wide open receiver. Woodland Park did still have a chance if they could stop Air Academy. It seemed as if the Panthers were going to do it after getting it to third and twenty-three, but the Kadets Quarterback was able to complete a 24 yard pass. To make it even worse the twenty-four yard pass was his first completion of the game as he went 1-3 with twenty-four yards passing. Even after that heart breaking pass, Woodland Park found a way to get the ball back with 1:44 in the game. Then on the first play they complete a pass and fumble the ball giving it right back to Air Academy. After this last and most costly fumble Air Academy was able to kneel on the ball and walk away with a close 13-12 win. The Panther’s will have to see if they can put this heartbreaking loss behind them as they have a tough opponent next week at home in Conifer. That game is scheduled for September 16th at 7:00.

As far as other Woodland Park sports the Boys Soccer team was able to win against Falcon by a score of 3-1. The Lady Panthers Volleyball team won their game against Falcon as well, but lost to Pueblo East. That brings the team’s record to 3-1. The Golf team was able to win the Cheyenne Mountain tournament and Sam Levy was able to come in first in the individual portion of the event. The Softball team was able was able to win three games, but lost two more games bring their overall record to 3-5. The good news for them is that they did win their first league game against Harrison by a score of 27-0. Overall it was an okay week for Woodland Park sports teams, but could have been much better.