Second week of school sports; wrap up

Mac McClintock , Senior editor

It might seem simple, but the best way sometimes to fix a poor passing game is to just run the ball all the time. That’s exactly what Woodland Park was able to do against Elizabeth. The Panthers just fed Dominic Roskam and let him carry the team on his shoulders. Even with Roskam’s amazing performance, it was an extremely close game. It was a 14-14 game late into the forth quarter. It was another impressive run by Roskam that finally pushed Woodland Park over the edge and gave them a stellar 21-14 win over Elizabeth in their first home game.
Other than Roskam, the best part about Woodland Parks game was how well their defense played. They held strong in the forth and kept Elizabeth from scoring in the forth. This team will have to live and breathe on their defense. It is really hard to imagine The Panthers winning many games when they give up more than three touchdowns. They simply don’t have enough offensive fire power to win games that are shoot outs.  Elizabeth was a great warm up game for Woodland Park, and they showed that they can beat teams that they should beat. Next week The Panthers will travel to Air Academy and take on the Kadets. The Kadets lost their first game against Cheyenne Mountain. Woodland Park will be the favorites in this game as they are currently ranked 13 points higher on It still will be quite the challenge for the Panthers going on the road, and it’ll be interesting to see if Woodland Park can get momentum from this opening game win and carry it into next week.
As far as other sports at Woodland Park this week. The Softball team lost all three of their games this week, and they were no hit in their first game of the season. Luckily for them none of them were league games and they still have time to turn it around. Their next game at home is September 15th against The Classical Academy. The boys soccer team played their first game and lost 4-1 to Lamar. They have their first home game September 6th, against Falcon. The team that definitely has jumped out to a fast start in the Volleyball team. The Lady Panthers have won their first two games both 3 sets to 2 sets. They hope they can continue their hot street next week when they travel to Falcon on September 6th.