Winter Sports Preview


Tyler Damico, Reporter

As we dive headfirst into the dark, bleak recesses of winter, the tradition of school sports manages to stay strong, despite the efforts of the elements.  The deep green expanse of grass has now diverged into the hard, unforgiving space that is a gymnasium floor.  As the temperature drops, our excitement only seems to grow for our pantheon of athletic programs.

Let us first analyze the glorious spectacle that is basketball.  First we have boys’ basketball, with our team currently in a low point with a fairly impressive losing streak. This does little to dampen our hero’s spirits, however, with our teams embodying effort in the face of adversity each game.  With the passing of time, hopefully our lovable underdogs could find it in themselves to persevere.
Next we bring a feminine touch to things by watching the girls’ basketball season unfold.  Unfortunately, their season is strikingly similar to the boys, with a losing streak bearing down on them like the oppressive rule of a fascist dictator. Fortunately, that dictator was overthrown, with our C-squad pulling out an impressive victory.  Time will only tell if our other teams can throw off the shackles of fascism and take their rightful place in the bosom that is victory.

What we happen upon now is the ancient Olympic event known in common terms as “wrestling.”  Our ragtag group of wrestlers has rarely been this robust or determined.  You have to give respect to our wrestlers, especially when considering the whole weight class fiasco, a task more daunting than most complicated brain surgeries. To truly dive into the heart of the matter, we get a firsthand account of the season from our own local wrestling connoisseur, Dan Knapp. Knapp pointed out to me the fact that for how young and new our wrestling vanguard is. Dan assured me that the team can only get better from now, and we have many surprises in store for the future of our wrestling program. Our wrestlers give everything they’ve got on the mat, and for that we must congratulate them.

Thusly my dear reader, we must ask ourselves what sports would be without a little moral support. For that, we turn to our cheerleading squad.  Despite how bad a certain team might be doing, our cheer team always seems to be positive and “cheerful.”  See what I did there.  If you are looking for some high flying action and death defying stunts, then look no further than our cheer leaders.

As we voyage deeper and deeper into winter, it is hard not to brim with hope and excitement for both our athletes and our school as a whole.  Whether our teams grab victory by the scruff of its neck or leave it to frolic peacefully through the meadows, there is a spectacle to be had, and you do not want to miss it.