Fall Sports Roundup


Tyler Damico and Mac McClintock

The fall sports season is an experience filled with chills, thrills, and maybe a few spills. This is especially true for Woodland Park high school, whose fall season was spilling from the brim with effort, passion, and changed lives. Let us first recount the epic tale that was the girls’ varsity softball season. Through much hardship and troubling times, the team was able to persevere, and won their third straight league championship. To give us a glimpse into the surreal experience that is softball, Jayllan Krause described they teams as “hard working and very determined to accomplish their goals.” The softball team was unable to achieve their goal of winning state but put together a very solid season.

The quintessential high school sport, football, had a season that read like an epic novel filled with mystery, intrigue, and possibly a little romance.  The team had a respectable 4-5 record, which could have been much higher without the tragic loss of our starting quarterback, Matt Cox.  Dan Knapp and Orion Drummond spearheaded a vaunted defensive strike force that will go down in history as the driving force of Woodland Park’s improvement as a football team. Dan spoke with both grace and subtly when he described the season by saying, “Even with the improvement of the football team, we still have a long way to go.”

Let us not gloss over the more footloose region of the sports spectrum by analyzing the age old tradition of boys varsity soccer. Their season was certainly not an easy one, with the team having trouble getting on the golden paved track that is victory. The team learned that victory is an elusive mistress that is as fickle as a midsummer’s breeze. Fear not dear audience, as our boys soccer team is far from giving up and are preparing for next season as we speak.

For all our golf fanatics in our reader base, we have the harrowing tale of Sam Levy, who was the only member of our beloved golf team to make it to the contest of champions that is the state tournament.  He sadly was unable to make it to the top tier of state competition, but he golfed his heart out, making us all proud in the process. He made us especially teary eyed considering he is the first member of the golf team to make it to state in four years.

The volleyball team, this year was exquisite in achieving new milestones in their progression as a team. The team posted an impressive 16-9 record overall and a 10-4 record inside of their league. Even with this impressive record they finished third in their league and did not qualify for the state tournament. The biggest and most heartfelt moment of the season was when coach Roshek was able to claim her 100th victory as the head volleyball coach up here in Woodland Park. This team will have a great chance going forward at reaching the state tournament and going deep into the next  tournament.

The Woodland Park cross country team was able to once again have a great season with many participants being able to secure new personal bests. Aspen Heidekrueger was able to be the league champion in the girl’s 5,000 meters with a time 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Jack Fisher also put up stellar times in the men’s 5,000 meter with a time of 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Jack’s time was the best time for any Woodland Park runner since the ripe old year of 2011 when Joe Hopfe posted a time of 17 minutes flat. The cross country team has to be thrilled that both of these athlete’s will be returning next year for their senior year.

The fall season for all sports showed that all of Woodland Park’s sports teams are trending in the right direction. The progression that was shown especially by the football team and the volleyball team is truly staggering. The softball team has been able to remain dominate for three straight years now which is absolutely astounding. This is truly the high school experience at its most exciting point.  One can truly hope that this level of progress is shown for the rest of Woodland Park’s sports teams as we head into the deep, dark winter sports season.