WPHS Boys Soccer


Brendan Koziol, 10th

Angelo Salazar, Reporter

The boys’ soccer teams are off to a slow start this season by their current record of 0-4 record. Head coach Noel Sawyer plans to make adjustments to the defense as the season progresses. By adding some experienced seniors to the defense, he hopes to stop goals from happening. Sawyer told me, “We have 14 freshman, 10 sophomores, 3 juniors, and 4 seniors on our team total. But since we are such a young team, I plan on us having much more talent by next year, and years in the future.” I also asked Coach Sawyer what his player’s favorite parts of practices are. His response was, “Doing something that we call small game. We split all our players up and play a scrimmage. It also gives us an idea of what we see in games, and we can make adjustments off that as well.” Sawyer told me that his players have improved 200% from the start of the season to now. “We’re passing the ball nicely and make good decisions.” I asked Sawyer what his athlete’s favorite parts about playing games were and he told me, “Their moments in the game. As long as they have their moments then that is the biggest part about playing. I remember when I played in soccer games where I had fun specials moments, and don’t even remember the scores to the game that doesn’t matter.” With the Woodland Park Soccer’s remaining games, Sawyer is focused on winning at least 5 games. “We are kind of a smaller school and we are facing big city teams with a lot of talent so winning five or more games is a winning season for us.” I interviewed the two senior captains on the soccer team. Dalton Lafever and Cody Stroup are amazing athletes and they say that their upcoming games look promising. Cody does kicking camps over the summer. He has a college who is currently looking at him for sports. Cody also is the kicker for the WPHS football team. Dalton has plans on going to college and hopefully for sports as well. Cody plays center middle and Dalton plays right defense to stop those goals. “I feel like we have a good chance of being a good team as the season goes on.” Stroup and Lafever stand out to the team and are going to help the young team improve in future years. “We do have a young team, but that is where leadership comes into play to help this young team grow.” Dalton responded about the team. WPHS Soccer will grow and build more talent, experience, and team work. It is a fun and physical sport that takes those three things in order to play. With the rest of the season in section, the Panthers will fight to the end and reach their goals for this year. They will win more games and have their moments in the game.