Pride of the Park


Alli Busby, Reporter

On Wednesday October 15th, The Woodland Park High School Marching Band placed 2nd in Southern Regionals, missing 1st place by a mere 5/100th of a point. Woodland Park qualified for State Championships once again, which took place on October 27th. The day was gloomy, rainy and cold, but it didn’t stop the band from performing the best show of the season yet. Everyone in the band did incredibly well.

“That Old New World” was the title of this year’s show and included music from Dvorak’s New World Symphony: the director, Mr.Dukart’s, dream show. There were no props, no backdrops, no magic tricks, and no crazy sound effects, like other bands. It was the band, the color guard, and their instruments, and their flags, as well as their persevering motivation.

Marching band members in Colorado, especially Woodland Park, have had to face the elements through the course of their season. They have been through rain, snow, hail, and intense heat. It all starts with hot days of Band Camp during the summer and ends with cold October nights. From day camps, to football games, to late after school rehearsals, Saturday rehearsals, and competitions, to Southern Regionals, and ending with State, they stick together through it all. Many in band refer to it as a family. They are one, and they are going to come back stronger next year.

Color Guard member, Vicky Chen, said “Color guard has had such a positive impact not only on my high school career, but for the rest of my life. I have learned so much, and got closer and met so many remarkable people. I have been so privileged to march with such an amazing band, in a phenomenal, literal dream show, and an awesome director, along with such kind and propitious coaches and staff members, and let’s not forget to thank our band parents.”

Just from talking to band and color guard members, you can tell how much this activity means to them.

“These have been some of the best, most memorable months of my life so far. Working with our band, I have had the privilege of being with people who make me laugh until I cry on a consistent day-to-day basis. I have had the honor of spending all my time the past few weeks working with people who work so hard that they end up injured from the effort they give. To get to spend hours with people who care so much about something that they cry from the pain and passion of it is the definition of time well spent. Band, what you do is ineffable. Words are incapable of explaining the pure awesomeness of what you do. I’m proud to be a part of this band and the show that we’ve created. We helped realize a dream of our wonderful band director. You gave the show the confidence it deserved. Good job, guys.” said Stephanie Lynam, drum major, regarding the performance at State.

All in all, the Woodland Park High School Marching Band: The Pride of The Park continues to persevere and improve. This year’s season was once again, a success.