Boys’ Soccer Team Continues to Seek Change and Improvement


Jacob Manriquez , Reporter

The boys’ soccer season just recently ended a few weeks ago. Varsity wrapped up their final game against Sierra. Unfortunately, they lost 5-1 and ended their season. Their final record was one win and fourteen losses.

“Lazy defense. We need to pick it up, score more goals. Overall we just needed better chemistry.” This stated by senior Anthony Woods of the varsity soccer team, reflecting on how they could improve during the final game.

With their season finally over, the soccer team is putting their focus into next season.

“Our team is a work in progress. We’re working hard on building our team for next year. For next year’s team, we have a lot of freshman coming out, and our freshman this year will be sophomores, and they’ll definitely improve as they work through the summer,” stated junior Nicholas McMorris, when asked about the team’s future plans.

Team bonding is important in the Panther Soccer Program. The team is close, they are together like family. One thing is more important than anything, and that is team work.

“Our teams’ strongest point is we’re a family. We’re really close together. We all enjoy each other. We all really love being on the field together,” commented Anthony Woods.

The soccer team has a lot of potential, and they are determined to work on their skills and relationships with each other until they can better themselves as a team for next year. We will get to see next season which improvements are implemented, so that they can carry their way to victory in the future.