The Powder-Puff Girls


Jordan Perry , Reporter

On the clear cold night of Monday, September 15th 2014, the annual rivalry of the Juniors and Seniors in the powder puff football game commenced. The fans sat in excitement, anticipating the game to begin as Mr. Graf proudly welcomed everyone.

Before all of this commotion was going on, the girls attended a practice the day before. The head honcho, Ms. Nard, expressed who she thought would take home the crown this year. “The Juniors are very athletic, but we will see how they are coached, and the seniors are very athletic, but they are also very goofy, so it could go either way,” she stated.

Kelsey Hart, senior, also shared her thoughts on this year’s game. She decided to play this year because, it is her senior year and she thinks she might as well “live it up” for her last year of high school. When asked about the fierce competition, Kelsey expressed with enthusiasm, “We’re going to pound those Juniors this year!” Everyone could definitely tell she was ready for the game to start.

The Juniors came out onto the field wearing black and white, alongside their rivals, the Seniors, who were dressed in pink and black. The game started off with the first touchdown scored by Senior, Lexi Comer. The crowd went wild!

Overall, it was an intense game played between these two grades, who had so much fun participating this year. The score ended at 35-21 with a senior victory, as tradition would have it, but it was a close call. All of the girls worked really hard and did an amazing job.

Junior, Tempa Feagin, spoke about her thoughts on the game after it was over. Trying to catch her breath after a profound match-up, she said, “I think the Juniors did really well.” It is a good thing that Tempa is not competitive though; she came out for the fun of it and had a great time with her teammates this year. She is excited to come back next year and take the glory as a senior player. Good luck next year, class of 2016!

Throughout this experience, the girls had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. They worked hard together with enthusiastic team work on and off the field. Here’s to a great game this year and to the hope that these girls cherish the genuine memories they have created by being a part of powder puff this year.