Park and Rec Volleyball


Heather Geving, Reporter

Park and Recreation offers many opportunities both for young novices who are just starting out, as well as for matured athletes attempting another season of the sports they love to engage in. Woodland Park Parks and Recreation volleyball is one of those sports!

Jenica Dixon, a seventh grader at Woodland Park Middle School, and a first timer in park and rec volleyball, says it’s a fun and active sport.

“It helps me run off the peeps (the marshmallow treats).” Dixon says with a giggle.

Dixon’s team this season is called the Red Bulls. She says her favorite part about volleyball is being with her friends. She plans on continuing park and rec volleyball next season and playing in high school.

Ryan Haines, the coach for the Red Bulls, has been coaching park and rec volleyball for three seasons. He has two daughters in the fifth and seventh grade who participate in volleyball. Ryan enjoys coaching and observing the girls improvement and, overall, having fun.

Reagan Wickizer, a seventh grader at Woodland Park Middle School has been participating in park and rec volleyball since the sixth grade. Her team is addressed as the Puffballs and she plays volleyball for the fun of it.

“It’s the only sport I’m good at.” Wickizer proudly states.

Wickizer plans to continue Parks and Rec volleyball next year and expects to try out in high school.

“I love getting to see all the teams and playing the sport, it’s really interactive.” Wickizer says with a smile.

Parks and Rec sports are significant to participate in if athletes want to improve in their skills, but it is also a time to store memories that will last a lifetime. At Woodland Park Parks and Recreation, athletes make their time count.