The Rockets’ Red Glare


Richard Carriker, Section Editor

The clouds parted, the wind howled and the sky darkened over Woodland Park High School. The field was lit, the stage was set. The game began. The Panthers roared into action, scoring twice in the first quarter, eager to defeat this new challenger. The Mitchell Marauders rose to the challenge, evening the score near the second half, but nothing would stop these Panthers. The battle raged on, both sides doing everything they could to gain the advantage and when the smoke had cleared, it was the Panthers who had reigned in victory.

While the Panthers stole the spotlight, the audience was, as ever, captivated by the marching bands stunning performance. They showed us their newest show titled “Adventures Under a Nighttime Sky.” They shook the night with a triumphant blast, preparing to bring a tear to the viewer’s eyes.  There is a near certainty of their winning at the upcoming regional competition and with the completion of their halftime show, there is little doubt remaining.

The Homecoming King and Queen, Mickey Hartley and Emily Maki, swept onto the field beside their fellow royalty. The vote had been cast earlier in the week and these two had captured their fellow classmates’ attention. After their crowning, a new site fell upon the viewers eyes as fireworks lit up the sky. Their blooms cast long shadows upon the field and booming echoes cascaded along the valley.

The game ended and with that, Mother Nature let it all out. The rain fell in sheets as cars filed out on Panther Way. The weather, having been raining that afternoon, appeared to have stopped just for the young men of the Woodland Park Panthers. A befitting end to a great game.