Fight for the Win

Madeleine Cox, Reporter

On Monday Night, October the 8th, junior and senior girls went off in a high energy competition to win it. They engaged in an annual tradition of powder puff; a football game that consists of female players.

“Powder Puff Football not only takes skill, but trust from the other players,” said senior player Hannah Erickson.

This year, the Juniors were finally ready to take on the Seniors. Even though most were intimidated, trying their hardest was all they could do. The practice the day before gave the players a little more confidence.

Logan Watters, one of the junior’s coaches, words of encouragement were, “work hard, play hard,” and that they did.

Not only did the Juniors give it their all, the Seniors took charge of the field as well. Consisting of many players from last year’s 2011 Junior team, they were ready to show us what they got. Senior player Gabby Ruddick scored the first touchdown, disappointment not in sight.

Along with the crowd roaring with excitement, there was Josh Stover, Brady Fisher, and Marc Cannella; our Cheerleaders cheering the teams on.  They showed us some new moves and how to do cartwheels. They even had some help from our current Panther Cheerleaders.

The score wasn’t all that important in reality. The teams wanted to create many memories with friends that would last a lifetime. Even though they enjoyed spending time with their teammates, the seniors still had to work hard so they wouldn’t lose to the juniors.

Mercedes Quevillon, junior, was excited to score a touchdown. Unfortunately the Juniors didn’t score, but they worked hard and next year it’s on.

Scoring the only touchdown, the Seniors were ecstatic. Once the scoreboard finished with 6-0, they realized it was over. The senior girls played hard, and everything fell into place for them.

From the game to just having fun, the players will take away what it means to be a team; and most importantly, the memories that they made will never fade away.