Community Service Through COVID: Beta Club 2020


Will Passink, Reporter

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every aspect of high school life. At Woodland Park High School, some activities are seeing more drastic changes than others. One of the activities that is seeing a significant change is Beta Club. When asked how many events the club has completed so far this year, staff sponsor Sherry Pappadakis replied “None, we only got approval to function at the end of October. Then there was an increase in COVID cases and we had to modify our first event.” In previous years by November, Beta Club would’ve usually completed at least three events, all of which have been canceled this year. Missed events include the induction ceremony for new members and Treat Street on Halloween. The club’s first event is the upcoming food drive and it will certainly be different than in previous years. Speaking on these changes Pappadakis said, “This year, rather than collect food in front of City Market, we will be individually making contributions to the Community Cupboard and they will be distributing the food to families.” On top of the events being affected, the club’s meetings have been changed this year as well. The club used to meet in person once every month, but this year there has only been one virtual meeting. With the virus only getting worse at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty about how the rest of the school year will go, but the students of Beta Club aren’t letting that get them down. When asked about her hopes for the rest of the season, the Beta Club secretary Lauren Ingalsbe said, “I hope that we can still find ways to be involved in the community. Because we can’t collect food for the food drive, we have had members bring what they can themselves, so we are all still trying to do what we can under the circumstances.” To that same question, club member Kyla Wells replied, “My hope is that we’re able to help out with some annual events that we always do like angel tree. I also hope we’re able to overcome some of the restrictions and plan service events that can impact people, even if it has to be remote.” As far as the rest of the year goes for Beta Club, the next event after the food drive would be the angel tree. For angel tree, the club is currently planning on trying to have advisory classes each sponsor a family, but with how the year is going, this is subject to change.