The 8th Period

The 8th Period

Noah Selvin, Reporter


In the year 1980, Woodland Park School District RE-2 had founded a secret organization called the The Secret Society Above the Clouds. This top secret organization created many things that aren’t around today. These things included a drug free environment, getting along, and great fast food service. There was just one thing that they created that is still around today: the eighth period.

I know what you might be saying;(In a very proper and snobby English accent) “Sir, this is absolutely preposterous! How could one conceive that an eighth period could possibly be something that exists?” Wow! When I wrote that I could feel your doubt in me, but you shouldn’t just disregard what I have to say, for what I have to say is is all too real. As a result of my research I’ve concluded that the 8th period still exist.

“What classes take place during this period?” is something you may be asking yourself. This period contains classes that may seem pretty out of the ordinary. Peter Gabriel: God or Human? is just one of these fantastic classes. This class delves into the psyche of the legendary Peter Gabriel. You’ll learn about his life and his career as a musician to his more well known occupation of cult leader. Now what if you don’t wish to learn of the mystic life of Mr. Gabriel? Well, does the 8th period have just the class for you. How to Survive After the Detonation of a Nuclear Warhead is a class that helps you prepare for the worst that could possibly happen. Red Light, Green Light is a physical education class completely dedicated to the fun and enamoring game known as Red Light, Green Light. Along with these mentioned classes, there are multiple other classes you can take during the 8th period.

Why does the school hide this period filled with great opportunity? Well, the answer is simple, really. Woodland Park School District would rather shelter the kids of their school, rather than expose them to a greater light. They’re scared of being questioned. The only people who are able to access the education that the 8th period brings is only permitted to those who are “worthy”. The mayor’s kids, the kids with a 4.5 GPA, and especially the kids who crawl around the sewers.

I hope that this article has an impact on you that no other article or piece of literature could ever deliver. I hope that this article sheds light on this topic enough for the school to allow the average students access to this divine education. Why hide the truth from the masses? To dumb us down? To make us your slaves? Maybe this article will enact a golden age in education. Maybe this article could save the world.