A Brand New Year

Aramis Adcock, Reporter

2019 was a busy year for many of us. A ton of stuff happened! But now, in 2020, I find myself fairly reflective. I changed a lot last year. In many ways, I grew up. When the year began, I still had that sense of youthful naivety that we all grow out of eventually. I guess I could say that I have become more of myself than I have ever been. I’m not the person that I was in the last year. I want different things now. I want to become something entirely different now. I think that in this new year, I can make significant strides towards that. If you found last year to be difficult, I want to remind you that this year won’t be like that. Many people falsely believe that time has no meaning, but they are wrong. Time is a succession of days. Every day we live to the greatest potential that we believe that we have. But if you believe in yourself, that potential grows with every day. Push yourself. Try to bite off more than you can chew, and you’ll find that your appetite increases. For many years, I believe that I could never accomplish everything I wanted to. But then last year, I tried things that I never thought I could do. And it paid off. I can do so much more now than I could back then. I have a car. I had a job. I can curl a 25-pound weight, but enough of my bragging. Whoever is reading this, believe in yourself. The only limits in life are the ones that we set for ourselves. Boundaries are meant to be broken. Limits are meant to be pushed. I want to tell you an anecdotal story: A man named Bob was sad. Bob was 23 years old and still lived with his parents. He had no job and had never been in a relationship. Then one day, Bob decided to start jogging for 15 minutes a day. He did this for a few weeks, then upped it to 30 minutes a day. One morning when he was jogging, he saw a help wanted sign in the window of the local Mcdonalds. He filled out an application on a whim, and he got the job! He worked at the Mcdonalds for several months and went to a community college with the money he earned. At the college, he met the woman that he eventually married. He also got the certifications he needed for his dream job. A few years later, Bob and his wife moved into their new house. The moral of the story, Bob didn’t limit himself. He believed that he could get what he wanted and worked patiently to get it. Be like Bob. Bob is happy.