Conflict with the Iranian Military


Michael Colvin, Reporter

As we know, conflicts were rising with Iran during nuclear deals. Of course many deals were carried out beforehand before stopping deals with the Iranian government. As said by media, an Iranian general was shot and killed by US Troops, but many speculate that the Iranian general was transferring British tanks across the fields, this was of course unknown to the British government. A day after the death of the Iranian general, missiles impacted a United States military base in Iraq. This was a sign of aggression from Iran as they had also shot down a Ukrainian/Russian plane carrying passengers into Iran. Iran although, denies shooting down a passenger plane. With the news of these conflicting statements and how coincidental everything is turning out to be. Of course the relationships between Russia and the United States are also in question alongside with the relations of the United States with Iran. Although, Iran said that they would go beyond the use of missiles to avenge their general. With the use of force from both sides, many are expecting a war to break out between both nations. While some speculate that a World War III would occur due to the British tank theory and the crash of a Ukranian/Russian passenger plane. Iran infuriating many of those within the United States and showing aggression towards their closest ally, Russia. Both sides of the conflict seemingly keeping distanced while United States troops move into Iran to protect their US Embassies. While both the people in Iraq and Iran are getting aggressive against the United States for the attacks on the general and Iran’s attacks on the military base and passenger plane. With the reinforcement of US Embassies there is a major concern into why Iranian missiles and troops have moved closer to these Embassies. A time of tension exists between all nations involved in this conflict whether theory or not. Statements between all nations deny such attacks while some wish to leave their involvement out of the conflict. Tensions grow as we seem to feel closer to a bigger conflict arising out of the situation, many expecting a war with Iran while some wishing to prevent conflict between nations. Eventually the conclusion of the conflict will come in the future after talks and deals being made. Although, we can now only speculate what will occur just based off of current actions. As of now the situation looks to be negative in having no conflict, meaning that either a major or small conflict will arise out of the situation.