State Militia

Michael Colvin, Reporter

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Throughout history we’ve used Militias as a way to fight for the rights and freedoms but in recent days we’ve seen Militias now used as state defense but there is often history people do not know about State Militias. One article many years back around the 1900s mentioned how a Militia was conspiring against their Police force within their town and were quickly halted and stopped before they could put their plan into action. This shows a more bad side for a state militia, but this does not group together all militias the same. While some states have a militia that is known through the government, there are some militias that do not represent states but their own ideals and beliefs. Though when asking students what they think of state militias being present, most of the votes gathered after a poll showed that people said that the current situation within the United States would depend on what the militia should do from being active or rising from deactivition to reforming and becoming active. While Mr. Burr was asked what he thinks about state militias, and he responded that he questioned the intent of a state militia especially with the history of other militias throughout the United States. Our militias have had good and bad history but are known for fighting alongside the continental army against the British for the rights and freedoms of America. We’ve seen, read, and learned about the history of the militias who were brought together in order to fight against the British, but in the present day there are issues with militias people see while others ask why they exist or are present throughout the states even though there is no major risk to the freedoms and rights. Going back to the political division, we’ve seen how people are divided due to their fears and due to this fear of the unknown, they believe that it’s time to train and prepare for the worst to happen to them and prepare to fight for their freedoms and rights. Due to this division we’re unable to fully unite under that same flag and we’ve continued dividing through organizations and even militias are acting threateningly to something they dislike or fear. No matter what sort of issue or anything is brought up they continue to train their minds and bodies for whatever could happen within the future of America. The issues often revolve around the fear of the inevitable as some would say, but also the idea that someone could steal our rights and freedoms from people all around use while oppressing and censoring others for their beliefs and ideas. I believe that the United States should have more relaxed militias and have them act more of a state defense force instead of a full on militia that is ready to take down the government at any time. As always America, stay strong.