Impeachment Talks


Michael Colvin, Reporter

In recent weeks news companies and many people have been talking about the recent political state, military deployment, and our President. These talks have lead to his impeachment and some say with the events and things he has currently done, it is only worsening the state. After a full 4 years with Donald J. Trump in office, we have seen a lot from him and we have seen many who oppose and dislike him. We’re reaching the end of his term and people are talking about an impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. We’ve seen throughout the term that many people disagree with what Trump wishes for and does while some people fully dislike him for his beliefs and ideals. Although, in recent times there have been talks throughout media and government about an impeachment. Currently looking at all media, there is a brewing within the politics that might even have it boil over. Our current state within the nation for politics is already boiling over due to the strong divide, our issues are not improving through dividing even further by separating each other through our ideals. These talks have gained support due to the recent attacks from Turkey on the Kurds. People sometimes even losing support for the president while others still stand strong by his side. Although, that’s not the only event that has been affecting the idea of an impeachment of our president. We’ve seen events in the past and even some fake media that affects others minds. While everyone is still gaining the support for their support whether it be a speech or through the media, we’ve seen people supporting one side or the other. The idea of neutrality has fully gone from the debate of an impeachment. We now see how much of a struggle it is to stay as a neutral person within the politics world due to the strong divide within the republic. While the term is close to ending, people can’t wait for the full term due to the issues that rise in Afghanistan with ISIS and the Taliban, including how we’ve also had issues in the United States with the president hosting other events and etc. Some want the Kurds to continue supporting the United States in the fight against ISIS, while some wish to halt the old ideals that Trump has had for immigrants that move into America illegally. This impeachment does not spell good for any of the republic but at the same time has its chances to improve for some people. As always America, stay strong.